Tax & Accounting Services
Integrated Tax, Accounting & Consulting
for Small Businesses and Individuals

Accounting services that help clients make sound decisions.

We focus on providing personalized accounting services to small businesses, non-profits, professionals, and individuals, helping our clients understand their business and financial situation so they can make intelligent decisions and formulate plans for the future.

In our experience, our clients have benefited from forming a relationship with an accountant early in their professional lives. This relationship can then grow as new professional and financial needs develop over time.

Integrity and thoroughness are two of the cornerstones of our practice. We care about a job well done and are thoughtful in defending our clients' best interests.

We are careful not to go beyond areas where we have expertise. We have a network of attorneys, tax lawyers, third party plan administrators and financial planners to whom we can refer clients in the appropriate circumstances.

Accounting Services


Financial information that enables decisions made with deep

Tax Planning


​Organize your business and plan transactions to reduce and minimize your taxes.

Tax Compliance


​We can prepare all federal, state and local income tax returns for our clients.

Payroll Service


We offer our own payroll service for clients with a handful of employees.

Contact Us to better understand your business and financial needs.
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Phone: (617) 588 - 2118
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Tax & Accounting Services
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